A Review – What My Mother And I Don’t Talk About

This book is a collection of personal essays written by different writers on the complex and often difficult relationship between mothers and their children. The essays delve into a range of emotions and experiences, from estrangement and conflict to love and reconciliation.

While some of the essays in the collection may not leave a lasting impression, others are incredibly powerful and thought-provoking.

One standout essay for me is “My Mother’s (Gate) Keeper” by Cathi Hanauer.

However, as the title of the book suggests, I initially expected the essays to focus more on topics that people often avoid discussing with their mothers. To my surprise, many of the essays actually revolve around conversations and interactions with their mothers. While this wasn’t what I had anticipated, it did offer a refreshing perspective on the complexities of mother-child relationships.

It highlighted how even difficult conversations and confrontations can ultimately bring people closer together and promote understanding.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a heartfelt and nuanced exploration of the mother-child or family relationship. It may not always align with your expectations, but it will definitely offer valuable insights and food for thought.


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